You're here because you not only need a new pad, but you also want to make it perfectly suited to you too.

Chances are, unless you are buying a brand new property, the home you move into or purchase as an investment will need some form of renovation to be exactly what you want.

Whether it’s a first home that needs minor changes, a forever home that needs a full renovation or a rental property that needs to maximize your ROI, our real estate and design team come together to transform your vision into reality.  

We make it easy, by working with both a realtor and a designer in the search of your new home. You'll get all the benefits of working with an experienced agent while getting the insights of an talented space planner all at the same time.

We'll work with you to redefine not only the space, but the life you live within it too. We'll ensure that you purchase the right property with the right renovation in mind and we'll guide you through the process from start to finish.

Sounds like a plan?

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Finding that perfect property can be pretty tricky, especially if you are looking in more established neighbourhoods. While boasting local amenities, good transit links and great schools, these solidly built homes need to be updated to suit our modern lifestyles. But it can be difficult to see beyond the shag green carpet and avocado bathroom fixtures to figure out which homes are the best for the type of renovation you want.

We will work with you to find the ideal home in the right location, and create workable layouts, your dream kitchen, the perfect closet - whatever it is, we have the expertise to find and create your dream home.

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Utilizing our real estate expertise and local knowledge to source wholesale deals we find the property gems that with some vision and a little TLC become highly profitable. Working with our team of trades and specialists we turn these properties around quickly, returning investor’s initial investment with interest. Let us put your money to work for you right here in our local area.

How It Works


The process is easy.

  • CONSULTATION | We'll meet with you to learn more about you and your dreams and goals. We'll talk location,  figure out your wish list and your must haves. And we'll talk numbers too. 
  • FIND IT PHASE | Armed with a good knowledge of what you're looking for, we'll line up several showings of properties that meet your criteria, and walk through establishing what works and what doesn't. Once down to one or two contenders we'll bring in the design team to talk about the possibilities and budget so you can make an informed decision.
  • BUY IT PHASE |  The fun part! We'll negotiate on your behalf to purchase your chosen property, with reference to market values and your budget. We will work hard to get the best deal possible for you. We'll include clauses in the offer that allow access to the home prior to possession so that we can get started on the design phase as soon as possible.
  • PRE-DESIGN PHASE | Once the offer becomes a firm sale we'll meet with you to learn more about your plans for your home. We'll talk in depth to uncover your dreams, understand your needs and talk numbers. There'll be some brainstorming and idea generation. And we'll chat about style, colours and finish that work for you. Armed with all the information we have gathered we provide a Design Proposal to provide the foundation for the project. 
  • DESIGN PHASE | We come back to you with a game plan, complete with floor plans, concepts, renderings, samples and initial cost estimates. This usually takes two or three meetings - one to check we are on the right track and a second or third to finalize the details. We create a final package that includes all items along with a budget for your approval. We work alongside you and our General Contractor to ensure that not only will the place look awesome, but your budget will be kept on track too. Depending on the scale of the renovation and the length of possession much of this work can be completed before you take possession.
  • POSSESSION | You get the keys! We make sure that possession runs smoothly, keeping in touch with lawyers, banks and the selling realtor along the way.
  • PROCUREMENT PHASE | We'll take care of ordering all the furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories, while our General Contractor manages building permits and ordering all the fixtures and finishes such as plumbing supplies, cabinetry, tile, counter tops and so on. You get to sit back and relax, dreaming of how amazing the completed space will be.
  • CONSTRUCTION PHASE | The rubber finally hits the road! In this step we work alongside our General Contractor with the development and construction of your project. Here is where every detail is managed to ensure a successful completion. We collaborate with our valued and expert trades, vendors and fabricators and make site visits as necessary.
  • STYLE PHASE | This is the big step when furniture, rugs, draperies and all the other items we have selected for you are installed and styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish.