how we work

We are known for not only being creative thinkers, great listeners and pros at problem solving, but also that we are uber organized in how we manage our projects. While it doesn't sound terribly glam, it actually makes all the moving parts of a project run really smoothly - something that we, and you, will love.

Here's how to get started working with us:

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Questionnaire + Chat

We believe that a good relationship between us and our clients is essential to a successful project. No matter how large or small the project we always start with a brief questionnaire and a telephone chat so we can get to know you better and understand what you are hoping to achieve. You can learn more about us too, over here!

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Consult + paperwork

We want to see your shag carpet and avocado bathtub in person, so the initial consult takes place in your home. Actually, the real reason we come to your home is so we can see your property first hand and understand what we are working with so that we can determine the services that best suit your needs and your budget.

Armed with this information we create a design proposal that covers the scope of the project and our design fee. Once you have reviewed and signed some paperwork (not so fun, but necessary so we are all on the same page) we are ready to start work on your project.

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the magic happens here

This is where our creative minds and problem solving genius comes to the fore.

Everything from creating a design concept to working out the perfect floor plan to finish selection and final styling, it all happens here. 

We have a clear multi-step process and an online client collaboration studio that keeps everything and everyone organized and brings your project smoothly across the finish line.