One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week 5 | Sprinting to the Finish

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Hi there,

Eek! Week 5!  Boy oh boy, this week has been nerve-wracking. A couple of hiccups, a back order and a change of heart on a sink reminded me why I should follow my own advice to plan and order before embarking on a renovation! I could have avoided a number of issues and a whole lotta stress if I hadn't decided just two days before the challenge started to participate. Ah well, it looks like it's all going to come together just fine.

If this is your first time here, welcome! I'm Caireen, designer and lover of casual, modern interiors with a dash of mid-century modern style. With my husband Graham, and a small tribe of suppliers and trades, we are tackling our Master Suite in our 1960's bungalow for the challenge.

To find out our plans and what we have been up to click through to read Week 1 , Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. And if you'd like to know a little bit more about me and my husband Graham, that info is over here.


This past week has seen the room starting to go back together - such a good feeling!  Let's bring you up to speed.



Since last week the walnut vanity has been installed along with the quartz counter.

My cabinetry supplier, Casa Flores, has done a beautiful job as always. The flip down doors are in, and the drawers will go in once the plumbing is connected later today as they are built around the plumbing to maximize storage.

The quartz counter was an off cut provided by Alba Granite and the profile is a favourite of mine, set on an angle to meet the front of the cabinets. Honestly, I wouldn't necessarily put this profile in a high use area such as a kitchen. It's more prone to getting chipped, but in a low use area such as our ensuite, it's perfect. Do you like it? Hate it? I'm curious to know. 




The backsplash is just gorgeous. I am so happy with the geometric pattern and the soft colours - it feels like the perfect blend of pretty and strong. (I did want Graham to feel like he had moved on from the pink bathroom, so I needed to go easy on the prettiness factor!) I'm also loving the greige tones - I'm telling ya, taupe is back people, but it's looking way more sophisticated.




The textured hexagon (or tex hex - haha!) patterned wallpaper arrived just in time; my installer kindly squeezed me in at 7.30am because he was leaving town the following day on vacation for two weeks. He joked that he told his wife he was popping out to get milk instead of packing - at least I think he was joking!

Doesn't it look so good? I love it so much, and I'm glad for this late decision to include it as it wasn't in my original plan. (See, winging it can sometimes be a good thing, right!? Haha!)

This paper has to be painted, so I completed that today in Benjamin Moore's Iceberg. It has turned out very well - just the softness I was after. You will probably see sneak peeks in my stories this week!




Due to my last minute decision to join the challenge I had a tight timeline to order everything. There were two sinks that I just loved but both were going to take too long to come in. So, I opted for something a bit larger than I really wanted but it would get here with about 10 days to spare before the deadline. Perfect I thought. That allows plenty of time to plumb and photo shoot.

That was until I pulled it out of the box and knew that it was just too big. You know that sinking feeling in your stomach that it's just all wrong? Ugh. So, a quick re-think later and my counter fabricator came to the rescue - thankfully.  He carries a line of sinks, and one met the brief perfectly and was in stock.


Close call, and this change only pushed everything back by just one day. I was worried that I would be substituting a white pasta bowl for the photo shoot! LOL! Note to self, next challenge be sure to pre-plan and pre-order!

The sink will be installed tomorrow, so watch my Instagram stories or Facebook page for updates!



I've hemmed and hawed a lot about this. I can easily select artwork that will look good in a photo, or make the room feel finished. The difference is that seeing as I am designing for Graham and I, I really wanted artwork that we would feel some kind of connection to aswell. 

Working with a limited budget I scoured the internet for printable art, and came across this beautiful seascape by UK based artist Dan Hobday.

OneRoomChallengeGuest_ sea-rock-art.jpg

Originally I had opted for geometric art piece, but I felt it was too much with the 'tex hex' wallpaper - it just needed something a little more organic.I love the softness of the painting, and yet it also feels bold due to the use of black paint. It really reminds me of the English coast too, which I am very happy about seeing as I still get homesick every once in a while. 

All  my other art choices are blue based. Keep following me on my social media channels to see some sneak peaks of these before the big reveal next week.



I'm pretty stoked about my re-imagined, re-upholstered, re-sprayed bench. It has turned out so well. 

Here's the before and after:




I can honestly say it feels so good to be almost at the finish line. I know Graham and I are anxious to move on from our glamping situation on the guest room floor!

Everything is looking in pretty good shape although I do still have a lot to achieve before the photo shoot on Saturday.  Paint touch ups, mirror install, vanity completion, furniture install and styling will need to be done over the next couple of days.

I really can't wait to see it finished!


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See you next week for the big reveal!