One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week 3 | Calm + Simple Master Suite

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If this is your first time here, welcome! I'm Caireen, designer and lover of casual, modern interiors with a twist of mid-century style. Click through to read Week 1 and Week 2, and to learn a bit more about me and my husband Graham , that info is over here.



Progress has been steady this week.

I have painted the walls and ceiling in the bedroom in Benjamin Moore's Simply White, and I'm loving it. It still needs another coat, but I'm happy with how clean, warm and bright it looks. No more yellowy ceiling! While I'm loving the results, I did decide in the middle of painting the ceiling that it has to be the least fun thing to do with a roller and paint! I won't be rushing to do that again any time soon! Oh wait, I have to do the bathroom ceiling! LOL!

2018-04-19 07.52.22 (1).jpg

The closet doors now look disgusting next to the white walls, so they are on my hit list this week.

Graham wasn't too keen on the idea of a blue ceiling, so we nixed that idea and went with white. I think it was a good choice. However, I have plans for my beloved pale blue - read on to find out!

The pink sink is out, as is the counter and vanity. We were delayed getting the sink out as we both forgot that there were no shut off valves in this bathroom. A couple of trips to the hardware store later and Graham had it all figured out so that we can have running water for the rest of the challenge!

The counter came out with a bit of a fight - we thought a couple of bashes with the hammer and it would come loose, but no, it had been installed really well! On the plus side the grout from the previous tile came off easily with a hammer and chisel. My job of preparing the walls for paint just got a lot easier!


We thought the room would look larger with the vanity out, but no, it's still teeny tiny! We have kept the toilet in for now as toilets seem to be in demand at my house, so I don't want to be without it for too long!



I wanted to introduce some texture into the bedroom and remembered a dimensional wallpaper I saw a while back:


Isn't it so cool? It's a paintable wallpaper, often referred to as an anaglypta wallpaper. My UK readers are probably rolling their eyes right now. This type of paper was super popular in England back in the 70's  - I think every house had some type of anaglypta painted an awful paint colour called Magnolia! If you remember this, let me know in the comments! Anyway, as you can see this is nothing like that wallpaper, and will look so good when it is painted in that pale blue I mentioned. I can't wait to show you!

The bench at the bottom of our bed is a necessity to catch all our clothes at the end of the day. It needs a new lease on life and I found the perfect fabric from Fabricut. 


I really like how the stripe plays with the other fabrics in the room.


The vintage gods were on my side this week. One of my favourite vintage stores, Reclaim to Fame, had this walnut 5 drawer dresser with the perfect dimensions and a price point that fit the budget.


The simple styling of the drawers had me at 'hello'.



My mind has changed on the night stands - I would prefer to have a light grey pair of leggy stands with a drawer or two. It seems my favourites are either the wrong size, not in stock or too pricey. It's like looking for a unicorn. I have a feeling I may need to embark on a DIY hack. Wish me luck, as it's been a while since I have tackled one of them!

Our only other challenge is sleeping in cramped quarters with our mattress on the floor and trying to remember where we stashed everything.

2018-04-14 22.20.29.jpg

It made us chuckle though as it reminded us of when we were first married. We had very little money and could only afford a blow up mattress which we used on the floor. After a few months it developed a slow leak which we could never find. We blew it up each night but by morning our butts would be flat on the floor! That experience led us to purchase our first piece of furniture, the very bed that is in our room now. 


This week I'm painting the bathroom, Graham is installing the baseboards and the floor tile and vanity are going in.  And I must deal with the closet doors. You can see our progress and shenanigans on our Instagram stories.

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See you next week!