One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week 2 | Calm + Simple Master Suite

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Hello there,

Well, here we are at week 2 already of the One Room Challenge. Not much has happened in my master suite yet in terms of physical changes, but I have been burning the midnight oil planning, ordering, budgeting and lining up trades people.

If this is your first time here, welcome! You can check Week 1's post here for the back story, and if you want to find out a bit more about me, that info is over here.

So, let me bring you up to speed.



At this point I feel I should have dubbed this the 'everything you love will be discontinued, out of stock or won't fit master suite', because that is literally what has been happening! The last thing I have felt is calm and the process certainly hasn't been simple! Ah well, joke's on me! 

If you caught my instagram post yesterday, you will know that my challenges don't stop there as one of our cars had to be towed home as something literally fell out of it and we now have a very large repair bill looming. I made the decision yesterday morning to alter some of our plans to offset that unexpected cost. One of my lovely followers and past client commented 'Does the pink sink get to stay?' Ahaha, no. (It made me wonder, are you guys secretly rooting for the pink sink?!!)

I left the bathroom as it was (yippee!) but have made changes to the bedroom, which honestly are mainly decorative and can be added later once our bank account has recovered from the shock of repairing our car!

Ok, onwards.




We opted to keep the toilet in its' existing location to keep our reno costs manageable. We have come to love the long counter and we weren't thrilled to give it up, so this was an easy decision to make. Instead I have selected a small toilet and planned the vanity to have lots of storage - down to the last eighth of an inch to ensure the drawers don't bang into the toilet.

The other space saving moves were to change the in-swing door to an out-swing, narrow the vanity cabinet depth by a few inches and go with a taller but shorter dresser to allow for easier flow to the bathroom from the bedroom.


The Mood Board


My mood board is inspired by words and images, creating a springboard for the concept. My only rule is that I can't use interior images. I know, it sounds a bit 'off with the fairies' but it really helps me to stay focused on creating the feel that I want for the space, as I get easily distracted by all the beautiful interior images that are out there on the old interweb.


The Concept

The colours and overall feel of the mood board are represented in the selections below.

Let's look at our two piece ensuite first. I'm pretty excited about this one.


I seriously love that wall tile. And here is the elevation of the vanity wall.


I am particularly excited and anxious about those flip down doors - if my sums are correct they will miss the toilet tank when they open. Fingers crossed!

My first concept for the bedroom with my original budget:


I had my heart set on that stunning tall boy - isn't he gorgeous? Carpet tiles, new nightstands and a new upholstered bench figured into this version. We plan to have a custom made bed at some point in the solid blue fabric; it is included here so I can be sure that everything else works with it. There is a lot of black in this concept, but once the iron bed frame is replaced I think the balance is right.

With needing to reduce the budget I adjusted the concept to this one:


I switched out the tallboy for a vintage 5 drawer dresser (can you hear my heart breaking?) and the same for the night stands. I have yet to source these so here's hoping the 'vintage gods' are on my side over the next couple of weeks!

I scored with the area rug as it is carpet roll end that is going to be cut and serged to my dimensions - way cheaper folks! I switched out a few other things too, saving close to 50% on the original concept. I'm pretty happy with that and don't feel I'm compromising on the overall feel that I wanted.


Up next week, our physical progress as work starts in earnest this weekend. Be sure to check out both the featured designers and the guest participants for the ORC.



Image links for the mood board, left to right.