One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week 1 | Calm + Simple Master Suite

ORC _ SPRING 2018 WEEK 1.jpg

Hello there,

Thanks for joining me! I'm a newbie to both blogging and the One Room Challenge, so I'm grateful for you stopping by.

Taking part in this ORC was a bit of a last minute decision, as I just launched a re-brand of my design company and didn't think I could manage this too. But here I am, mildly panicking, severely lacking in sleep but looking forward to the adventure ahead.


The Back Story

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Caireen. Originally from the UK, I live in Calgary, Canada with my husband Graham, two teen boys and our cooky Golden Retriever. We have lived in our 1960's bungalow for 17 years - we planned to stay only for five! That's a whole other story! With our youngest son graduating from high school next year our plan is to renovate pretty much the entire house over the coming months with a view to selling late spring of next year.

We are drawn to interiors that are casual, simple, modern and light, so we will be focused on bringing this style into our home. 


The Room

We have opted to go with the master suite for this ORC. The master bedroom doesn't need too much physical work, but our two piece ensuite needs a complete overhaul. Need convincing? Here are the before shots:


Yikes! Our bedroom has definitely become the collecting point for everything that doesn't really have a place elsewhere in the house, especially if it's yellow apparently! The walls were painted grey a few years ago, and within a week I knew I didn't like them, but I have lived with them none-the-less. I'm definitely needing something lighter in here.

On the plus side, this room is a good size at 12.5' x 11.5', and has beautiful east light. We are also fortunate to have a 'his and hers' closet, unusual for homes in our area. However, I loathe the colour of these original metal bi-fold doors, so these will be getting an upgrade. 


This shot shows the teeny tiny opening to the teeny tiny two piece ensuite beyond. Oh, and a little peek of me too! Hello!


And here it is in all it's 1960's pink glory!


I know you want to see a close up of that gorgeous pink...


Weirdly enough I did contemplate keeping the pink fixtures as they are in near perfect condition. But with a toilet that flushes 13L of water each time (yeah, really!) and a husband who I am sure would prefer a more masculine bathroom I decided against it. Let me know in the comments what you would do!

This shot below shows the major issue with the ensuite. It's very small. At 4' x 5' this is a tight one - and you can see that the door narrowly misses the front edge of the toilet. The key for this room is to maximize the functionality of the space, increase the storage and manage the budget bearing in mind we plan to sell soon-ish.


The Scope

Here's the plan: the master bedroom will get fresh paint, an area rug, new bench, side tables and dresser. We will keep the bed for now - it was the first piece of furniture Graham and I bought together about 22 years ago and I still like it today. Truth be told, I have been hunting for an upholstered bed for an age, but still haven't quite found 'the one'. And the only one that came close is out of stock until after the ORC is complete. So, I will keep this bed, but plan the space knowing that this piece will change eventually!

The closets will get an interior upgrade with better shelving systems to maximize the space, fresh paint to the doors and some new hardware.

The most work will happen in the ensuite with all new fixtures, vanity, backsplash, lighting and flooring.


Next week I will share my inspiration and design plans for these rooms. Be sure to check out both the featured designers and the guest participants for the ORC. I know we are going to be blown away by their creativity.