ONE HOUSE, THREE WEEKS - How we are whipping our house into shape to sell


Am I nuts!?

Renovating my master suite in six weeks for the One Room Challenge back in May now looks like child's play. It's going to be crazy town around here as I embark on refreshing and renovating just about our entire house in three short weeks!

If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook you may have picked up on a recent post that we are selling our house. (What?! You don't follow me yet? Click on through here and here to see what I'm up to on the daily - would love to have you join me!)

I am still in a bit of shock as the decision to move happened very quickly. As of today I have just three weeks, yes, THREE WEEKS, to get our family home of 16 years whipped into shape and ready to hit the market.

Midcentury exterior light and house numbers


To put this escapade in context, our little 1960's bungalow (always has the hashtag #no740 on social if you want to creep it. ;)  ) is in an area of town where prices sit just below the average for the city, with a mix of original owners, families and some millennials. We are starting to see younger couples moving in due to the large lots, value for money, transit links and plethora of amenities close by. Bearing all this in mind, I have to be careful with the level of finish I go with - top of the line will look fantastic but I won't see my money back on it. I have to be smart about how to add value and gain a quick sale in the currently fickle Calgary market.

With that in mind, allow me to walk you through what we are going to accomplish:



1960s original wall tile.jpg

I know, you're shocked that I need to renovate this bathroom, no? Haha!

In some ways I wish that I could keep this original greeny blue tile as it is in excellent condition, but alas water is getting in behind them and I need to deal with that situation. Although Jonathan Adler would likely love this tile, most buyers in this area just won't be able to get past it. So, bright and white it will be - with a bit of a twist. Watch for a future article for the full details of my design plan.




Truth be told, the kitchen isn't terrible but I had these cabinets painted 10 years ago, I guess when brown was popular? My plan had always been to fully renovate this kitchen in bright whites and warm wood tones, but for selling we won't see the return in this neighbourhood. Instead I'll keep the tile and counter, and refresh the now chipped cabinets with a fresh coat of paint in a new colour and add some wow factor with new stools and accessories.




Since moving our boys to the basement where they now enjoy larger bedrooms, our eldest son's former room has pretty much become a dumping ground. I need to show it as a functioning bedroom so this will get a fresh lick of paint, a bed and some styling magic!

What you can't see in the image above is the piles of boxes and paraphernalia that I moved to get this shot, not to mention the holes in the walls from a shelving system that I need to fill! It's all smoke and mirrors folks!




Ha, this makes me chuckle. We never call this room the family room. For obvious reasons we have always referred to this space as The Red Room. LOL! It has only ever really been used by our boys and their friends, not really as a conventional family room. Truth be told I don't love this room for many reasons, and I have never paid too much attention to it. However, that needs to change now.

I'm pretty sure that the red carpet is not a huge selling feature, so we are replacing it with new neutral carpet, and adding new lighting, boxing in the stack by the bar and painting the oak built-in cabinets to freshen up this entire space. Maybe I'll venture down to watch Wimbledon on the big screen when it's all fresh and sparkly!

And please excuse the mess in these photos - this room has become purge central. Speaking of which...




The whole house is being edited as I go through each space. I think the folks at Goodwill will soon know my name! Funny, as I thought I was pretty lean with my possessions, but when you really start to go through things with a view to packing it all, you quickly realize what you truly need and don't need. Anyone else had the same experience?

Finally the whole home will get a re-style to ensure it feels fresh and modern. 


Fingers crossed I can get this all done! Any advice on how to keep my sanity is greatly appreciated!

I'll be sharing my design plans and inspirations on future blog posts for each of the spaces above, so be sure to sign up below so you don't miss an article!


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