Five ways to freshen up your home for spring

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I look forward to spring each year, mainly because it signals the end of the deep freeze here in Calgary. Spring can never come soon enough in my world!

For me, design extends to how people and their things function in a space. There are few things more frustrating than digging in the back of a cupboard for missing shoe or hunting all over your house at tax time looking for that elusive statement. 

I find spring the perfect time to re-assess how spaces are working in my home, what things need to go and areas that may need a freshen up. It's a bit like hitting the re-set button, for your home, but your mind will thank you too. 

Here are five ways to freshen up your home.



Take a walk around your home and note what areas are problematic for your family.

This could be obvious, like your front entry is always overloaded with boots and backpacks, the linen closet is stuffed to overflowing and your Tupperware drawer - well, let's not go there.

Think about your processes too. Say what? Yes, we all have them, even if they are a bit haphazard. How do you manage incoming mail and bill payments? Where do the kids put important school notices so they don't get lost or crumpled in the bottom of a bag? 

Be prepared to re-think some things so that your house works for you, not against you.

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Time to roll up those sleeves!

Based on your walk through, prioritize the areas that you need to go through, whether it's the broom closet, the pantry or the junk drawer. This year our linen closet is first up because it's driving me nuts - I'm not sure what happened but we seem to have been taken over by a lot of towels!

Determine if you should keep or discard things, being honest as to how much use or wear it has had in the past year.

Separate your discarded items for donation, recycling or consignment. And then get them out of your house. Don't let them linger as it only creates more clutter, both in your home and your mind!

Spring Cleaning Five ways to freshen up your home purge.JPG


Take stock of what you are left with post-purge and organize it into categories that make sense to you.

Once you can see how much you have of any one thing you can either re-purpose or go shopping (woo hoo!) for the appropriate containers for what and where you plan to store things. You may require new furniture pieces to give you the function you need.

Then put things away, label containers where necessary and remember to give your family a guided tour of where things go!

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I am not a huge fan of cleaning, but I do like a clean home. This time of year is no exception and I go all out, cleaning the windows, wiping out cabinet interiors, vacuuming behind the bed (yikes!), wiping the walls and the baseboards - you get the gist. Everything that is not on your regular cleaning 'route' gets done at this time of year. 

It's a good idea to wash your duvets and blankets, and consider if your carpets, furniture or area rugs need a professional clean.

And remember to throw open those windows folks! Nothing like some fresh spring air to make the place smell so good.

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Green thumb or not, adding some flowers, greenery or plants throughout your home really helps to bring spring inside - especially when the snow is still flying outside like it is for us right now. (Yes, really.)

My favourite flowers this time of year are tulips, their colour is perfect to brighten any room. Experiment with a few olive branches in a large vase or succulents tucked onto your bedside table or bathroom vanity. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to really make a difference.

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STill stuck?

If this whole process is overwhelming for you then give us a shout - we have people who can help with that!